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Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Superstructures (6 PDHs)

This course offers professional development hours (PDHs). You will see the PDHs on your course completion certificate, which also serves as documentation of your attendance. PDH requirements vary, therefore, it is up to you to determine whether or not this particular course qualifies under your State or board requirements.

Course overview: The Superstructures course is the third course in the Construction Inspection of Structures Series. This course provides an introduction to superstructures and key inspection elements, specifically the section of the structure above the substructure. Content for this course includes those parts of the bridge supported by the substructure—everything from the girders/beams up, including the bearing devices.

Topics include general construction considerations, bearing installation, beam erection, post tensioning, bridge deck construction, barrier walls and railings, and bridge drainage.

The Construction Inspection of Structures Series consists of four separate, standalone courses that provide introductory information on foundations (below the ground), substructures (below the bearings), superstructures (above the substructure), and rehabilitation (repair of structures). The other three courses in the series are:

• Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Subsurface (TC3CN053-17-T1);

• Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Substructures (TC3CN054-17-T1); and

• Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Rehabilitation and Maintenance (TC3MN032-17-T1).

Training level: This training is recommended for the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council levels I-IV.

Target audience: This course is designed for individuals with an interest in bridge construction in the following roles: minimal experience and/or entry level construction engineers, inspectors, and technicians.

Learning outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Identify the key activities and safety practices involved in the construction of superstructures;

• Describe the types of bearings that are installed on the superstructure, including how they are installed and inspected;

• Explain how beams are erected and inspected for the superstructure;

• Explain pre-stressing and post tensioning of tendons and how they are inspected;

• Describe how the bridge deck is constructed and inspected;

• Explain the purpose of barrier walls and railings on the superstructure and how they are inspected; and

• Describe the important bridge drainage practices related to the construction of the superstructure, as well as how bridge drainage systems should be inspected.

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Item Code: TC3CN055-17-T1
Item Format: E-Learning
Item Pages: 0
Year Published: 2017
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